Author: Reggie Dulaney |

Best Gym in Pittsburgh

AKA The Boss – Reggie graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1998. Though he worked as an engineer, Reggie always had an interest in fitness, and weightlifting started as a hobby and outlet for him. However, this hobby grew more serious once he started helping others with their fitness journeys. He decided to take a leap of faith and to get serious about personal training by getting certified by the American Council on Exercise in 2005 and starting to train clients at Diamond Athletics. Reggie quickly realized his engineering background in conjunction with his personal training certification gave him a unique skillset to understand physical movement during exercise in a way that maximized efficiency and minimized injury. He felt a sense of fulfillment knowing he made a difference in how clients looked, felt, and perceived themselves. Reggie is known for being an excellent listener, helping clients develop goals, and constructing a plan to reach their goals. Reggie believes in not only building the body physically, but ensuring his clients understand how to work out and eat healthy for the rest of their lives. In Reggie’s words, “This is a unique profession that provides the opportunity to meet great people, make lasting friendships, take part in transforming people into what they never thought they could be, and empowering people by teaching them how to successfully live healthy. There’s nothing like it and I love what I do.”

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