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The start of this week looked disastrous.  My head coach at Panthro Fitness Pittsburgh Strip District, Rosie went out sick.  It actually started last week but worsened as the days progressed to the point where she couldn’t even talk.

One client jokingly said that it wasn’t so bad having a coach with laryngitis because she couldn’t yell at him…I’m not going to say any names but Rob that was wrong!

So fast forward to Wednesday.  I enter the gym and I see a pair of legs stretched out on the floor as I come through the door.  It looks like Tracy but she usually says “hello sir” in some kind of a British type accent when the chime goes off from the front door opening.

Once I came in to where the legs were I did confirm it was Tracy.  “I heard the chime but I couldn’t get up to say hello.  I feel pretty sick.”

Great I’ve got 2 coaches out in the same location.  To most business owners this is a nightmare.  Not with my team.

What started off as a potential catastrophe turned into something beautiful.

Best Gym in Pittsburgh

Panthro Fitness Pittsburgh Staff…As Crazy as We are We are Equally as Crazy About Our Clients

The way my team pulled together to help each other out was amazing.

My coach Jess in the Strip who works a full time job and coaches at Panthro Fitness Pittsburgh, cancelled her plans to take a shift.

Ryan who works the morning shift at Panthro Fitness Murrysville and works a second job as a swim coach found a way to take the evening sessions in Murrysville so I was able to work in the Strip.

It wasn’t just the act of filling in for each other…it was the way that everyone did it with no complaining and actually volunteering to do it. I didn’t have to beg or coerce anyone to help out. Everybody’s comment was “I’d be happy to do it.  You guys would do it for me.”

In the meantime, Rosie and Tracy were both sending text messages out getting the schedule in order to make it as easy as possible for each coach to fill in.  Both of them wanted to be at work and continuously apologized for being sick (they also discussed how being sick is causing them to lose their gainzzzzz but that’s a different post).

I literally had to tell them both to stay home because they were trying to come in!

I worked at the Strip from 5.30 AM to 8.00PM on Thursday.  I was tired but I enjoyed every minute of it!  I was able to see the incredible progression that people are making, I spent time with new clients that I hadn’t seen since our consultation, and I just thoroughly enjoyed being around all the Panthro Fitness members.

It’s rare that you actually see love exhibited and the effects of its presence.  The Panthro Fitness Pittsburgh Team loves working together and it’s because we love what we do and who we do it for…YOU!  We genuinely love you all and we hope you can feel it when you come through the doors and even after you leave.

It’s a special thing to watch unfold and that’s why I think it’s the best place in Pittsburgh.

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