How toxins affect you in your fight to burn fat.

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A month or two ago the Panthro Fitness team wrote an article on calorie counting. One of the reasons we stated as to why calorie counting can be misleading is the complexity of digestion and your everyday bodily function.

Your body goes through 100’s of chemical reactions daily. Food is merely a chain of chemicals that your body may or may not be able to process. I’m lactose intolerant so my body struggles with the chemical processing of lactose. It makes me inefficient at digestion and causes me to be bloated and not feel so great.

Understanding this leads me to ask what do chemicals that are in soda, genetically modified organisms (gmo), or heavily processed foods like cereal, microwave meals, etc. do to our digestion.

These chemicals aren’t even real food so our bodies don’t have a clue what to do with them.
It makes us inefficient and unable to process food properly which makes it difficult to metabolize and prevent the storage of body fat.

It’s also important to understand that your body absorbs chemicals that come in contact with your skin.

Hair care products, facial scrubs, fingernail polish are all products filled with chemicals that your body has to recognize and understand how to process.

It’s very possible and highly likely that your body doesn’t completely metabolize these chemicals. It’s also very possible that this toxin build up is preventing you from properly digesting chemicals that are food.
One thing that your body will do is adapt.

Whether it’s adapting to a good stimulus or a bad one, your body knows one thing…survive. This explains why people that drink a lot of sodas or eat a lot of processed foods go into withdrawal when you take those things away.

Your body will learn to work with whatever you give it. It won’t use it efficiently but it will get used to converting these chemicals to energy.

The problem is that your body needs certain chemicals to function correctly. It’s like putting low grade gas in a Ferrari…sure it will run but it won’t run to is maximum potential, causing poor gas mileage, a sluggish ride and potential damage to the car.

Your body is no different.

These chemicals may be blocking your ability to process food correctly and cause you to not be able to lose fat even though you have started eating the right way!

Until you rid yourself of the toxins you will not be as efficient at losing body fat as you should be…meaning you will lose fat slower than you’re supposed to if you lose it at all.

Sometimes when we see people that go out to eat a lot or eat a lot of processed foods we suggest cleansing…not a colon cleanse, but a cellular cleanse. Toxins affect you on a cellular level, “colon blow” cleanses deplete your body of critical nutrients that are essential to your body’s natural cleansing process.

Once you are cleansed and fairly toxin free (you’ll never be 100% free of toxin), organics are a great way to re-introduce the chemicals that your body is meant to function on and help you get back to becoming efficient.

Now you’re able to see the results that consistently clean eating and exercise will give!

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