Acting vs. believing.

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To be or not to be.  That is the belief.  The actions we take everyday; To live, or exist, to be productive or idle, to gossip or to guard a secret can overlook the driving force beyond actions made.  There is a magnetic field that yields much fruit and will multiply experiences by leaps and bounds BE it what is desired or less than.

If we understood this energetic force, we would magically come to know the natural law of manifestation as it was intended.

When you think of your actions as what obeys decisions; it would be easy to stop there and see no further.  You make up your mind, you act upon it and based on the outcome; there are a series of other actions that create a world to be realized.

But what about those occurrences when despite decisive actions,  the outcome is not only totally unrelated but begins to take a life all its’ own.

And then you find yourself playing catch up in an attempt to re-gain control of the thing that grew completely independent from your original line of thinking.

A prime example of this is the decision to lose weight.  It’s the biggest decision for so many people because it has come to be met with many struggles.  A person wanting to lose weight starts out doing all of the right things.  Eating, exercising, and being mindful of their overall body.

But then something strange happens.  They continue to stay away from things that would keep them from what they want, but the very thing they don’t want… FINDS THEM!

All of a sudden the menu from the restaurant they frequent hosts a new item.  Fried Macaroni and Cheese.  It’s probably been there.. but low and behold, they never paid any attention.  Until now.  Maybe the power of their will was a little weak that day.  I bet not though.  The magnetic energy force behind the curtain of control is not will power; it is your system of belief.  To prove it, think of the last time you stopped any type of habit that never returned without first redirecting your belief surrounding your habit as it pertained to you?

The belief system is strategically devised to magnify, multiply and manifest. 

It was created so we could effortlessly have in abundance what we say.  Our actions through creativity, thought provoking leadership, or any inspirational devotion to what we need to have released should be the byproduct of feeling great about what we believe and affiliate with.

A tightly guarded family heirloom is a beautiful thing.  The passing down of a family recipe through generations is noble.  But the same sentiment should not be held for limiting beliefs. We hold ownership of its’ limiting origin and pass it along from generation to generation.

They are uninspiring, unserving and unfulfilling.  But until we connect what we see with what we believe, we will keep the pressure on actions unqualified to self-reliantly produce.

Our belief heirlooms will not just continue to multiply and increase but could disrupt an entire lineage of a family tree built to thrive.

Our actions courageously feast upon opportunities served through the belief system.  When you are constantly bombarded with situations unbecoming to what you would like to see, don’t think taking action alone will get you away and in another direction.

Let’s examine how two manifestation processes may look for weight loss.  The first way is by the ACT, the second by way of what we BELIEVE.

Action.  After making the decision to lose weight and or eat healthy, you clean out the fridge.  You buy all new stuff, and you tell everybody ‘this time doggone it’, you are going to see your goal to completion.

Creation.  You find that it’s a battle to keep this up.  At first it was easy and somewhat gratifying, but after a while it becomes daunting because you hate the idea that you will never be able to eat food that tastes good again, because you created a dialogue that told you so.  You struggle with seeing everybody else eat and enjoy life while you worry about every inch or pound lost or not lost and you constantly try telling yourself to push through, but it’s hard because you created a mindset that creates nothing but the opposite of what your actions desire.

Try.  But you continue to try and try and try and then you tell yourself that you deserve a break.  You take a day to eat whatever you want and that day leads to more, which leads to the starting point of the cycle that found you gutting your fridge in the first place.

Sigh.. Sound anything like familiar?  Enough lingering on that, let’s get to the fun part… Believe!

Back it up.  You have come to the decision to lose weight.  You realized that this was about the trillionth time and you are determined to make this time different.  You go back to reflect how it can be a different experience.  You then become aware of why you may overeat, or eat in ways that don’t benefit or serve you in any way.  Once you’re aware, you then see what beliefs those behaviors were honoring.  Assumptions like Well once you hit your 30’s this happens.. 40’s genetics take over and 50’s? forget about it!  Or that diet food is nasty and if you only live once, it may as well be in good taste!  You realize that although you had been fighting so hard to maintain your health, you have only really been fighting those belief assumptions that created the reality you didn’t like seeing.

Enlightened.  With your new awareness, you begin to open your eyes to tools, resources and encouragement that influences your weight loss.  You notice that what were triggers before, have now become mini triumphs.  You seek resources that help you find ways catered to you.

Now cognizant of inspirational information, you begin to discover how you feel when you eat certain foods.  You may begin to explore types of diet that has you feeling how you want.

You begin to explore your blood type and may begin to take heed to the list of foods to avoid that could even accelerate your progress.  The mind body connection is alive and well within you and you come to understand how your gallbladder is actually connected to your decision-making abilities and the power to organize your thoughts lies in the liver! Learning to be explorative gives new life to the inspired acts that follow!

Like.  You actually for the first time start liking this journey because once you allow the pressure to leave your realm of existence.  You have fun.  Suddenly things begin to build upon itself and you become an expert at what has you looking, feeling and acting in ways that best fit who you are.  And believe me, everybody notices!

Instead of pulling out the big bowl of added pounds when you feel bored, you allow things like boredom to create a new curiosity inside of you to yield to.

You may instead find yourself at Barnes and Nobles, or taking a walk in the park or watching a movie that makes you laugh, feel great and inspired to continue.

Ignite.  Now that you have built your customized weight loss system, you ignite it by noticing how amazing you feel, connecting this great feeling with what you believe about the whole process.  Your belief is now, weight control is my natural state of being.  When I feed my body, when I move my body in the ways most gratifying, I don’t need to try.  I just need to continue to enjoy; and the more I enjoy, the more opportunities for me to have enjoyment come and my actions are inspired acts of devotion!

Escape.  Your escape used to be defined by how many cheat days you could get by with without seeing or feeling its effects.  Now it’s escaping into ways to create more of what you see.  You begin to up the ante by telling others of your progressive new journey.  This allows you to escape the scope of only yourself to helping others gain momentum for their selves!  Now you’re able to pass it on and be of great service to others.

Victory.  You know what victory tastes like.  What it feels like.  You finally have tackled the beast of burden.  Your belief system.  What a difference a thought makes!

Emerge.  You now emerge into a holistic being.  Where in the beginning it was weight loss and how not to struggle at it.  Has become about living your best life that is manifested via your new beliefs.

So you see, the difference is staggering.  The best part about all of this is how easy it is to create momentum toward the life you want.

All that’s needed is to recognize what’s bearing the most fruit in your life.  This rings the alarm to what belief is causing it.  Sometimes by simply asking what you would need to believe to actually see exciting shifts; is all that’s necessary.  Answers will come.  What you seek, you will find.

This process of intention is what gets you to be and not to be anything less than what you hold the ability to manifest.  Any questions?

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