Is Your Account Overdrawn? Invest in Yourself

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One of the reasons I got into this business is so I could give. I see so many people that come in to me that are broken and tired…they need something. Not saying that I have a lot of needy clients but people in general need to be “invested in.”

I remember working in corporate as an engineer and how drained I would feel sometimes. One day in particular comes to mind.

I had been working on a proposal for about a month and it was due the next day at 10:00 AM exact or it would be disqualified.

It was about 5.00 PM and I was probably going to be done in about an hour.

"Looks like you’re going to be burning the midnight oil."

My manager came around the corner with his jacket on and brief case in hand ready to go. He asked me how things were coming and I informed him of where I was on the proposal.

He then informed me of a critical change that needed to be made in the pricing that he and a few others had come up with but neglected to tell me until just then.

He left with a smile, “looks like you’re going to be burning the midnight oil…”

A lot of things went through my mind…most of which I’ll refrain from putting in this post.

I felt like the company was constantly making withdrawals on my life and the monetary compensation wasn’t enough to account for the constant taking.

"My time was their time"

My time was their time…that included vacation time, time with family, time with friends or time for me. It was always “how much more can we get from people?” or “How can we run more efficiently so we can get the most out of you?”

I started feeling like I needed something or somewhere to go to be uplifted. I wanted someone to care about me, my family and what was good for us.

"People keep making withdrawals and your life is empty…"

I see a lot of clients that come to me that same way. Their job is demanding, they have a busy home life, and they just don’t have anyone to invest in them. People keep making withdrawals and your life is empty…you don’t have any more to give.

"We are here to build you up and support you…"

Our team was not built just to deliver great workouts (we do that very well though…haha). We are here to build you up and support you.

Some of you come in empty and your personal account is “overdrawn”. You feel tired, stressed, anxious…trust me I understand.

That’s why we try to have fun, make you smile, let you vent and get the day off your chest. It’s important to have an outlet and a group of people that make positive deposits in your life.

"Invest in Yourself…Refill your account"

Sometimes just feeling like you’ve accomplished something like finishing a tough workout, your coach smiling and approving of your food journal or doing one more push up than you could do last week is just enough to fill your account back up and give you the renewed strength to go home and be pleasant with your family and not stress about work or what’s in store for tomorrow.

It helps you to be more capable of dealing with the everyday pressure because now you have something to look forward to.

You have somewhere to go that you know you’re going to be cheered and applauded for your effort or receive a high five from your coach or another client (ever notice you can’t help but smile when you get a high five…it’s true)!

"We love making deposits into your life account"

We believe that in order to get the results that you want you have to feel inspired and uplifted. It’s a very important part of our program and we love making deposits into your life account!!!

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