Case Study: How to Maximize Your Results

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John and Erin-Find out how they
maximized there results in a short
period of time

I’m sure we’ve all seen ads on TV or on the radio that talk about a product or program that promises to deliver great results. At the end of the commercial there’s usually some statement that reminds you that you may see different results than the ones they’ve shown you.

In a previous article regarding IDEAL WEIGHT, we talked about a lot of the different variables that contribute to your ability to control your weight and overall wellness. Which answers the question as to why results vary.

The question is, what is the key variable to control in order to gain the advantage in maximizing your results?

In other words, what should I be focusing on?

We recently ran a 6 week program that has helped in answering this question.

Clients had to document their food by journaling what they ate, when they ate and how much water they consumed.

There were also small tasks outside of the gym workouts that clients had to perform. Each client worked out a minimum of 3 days per week at Panthro Fitness. Workouts consisted of primarily progressive overload weight training (consistently increasing the weight to a challenging level) and moderate to minimal metabolic training (some would call this cardio).

Ages ranged from late 20’s to early 50’s.

Let’s start with John H.

  • Best Gym in Pittsburgh
  • Best Gym in Pittsburgh

I wanted to show John’s progression beyond the 6 weeks just so you can see where he started from. John had a fair amount of muscle already when he came to us. He works in construction so he’s a little more active during the course of the day. He told me that he always had a belly even as a kid.

The 6 weeks ranged from May 20 to June 24. During the 6 week time period John’s results were as follows:

Total Pounds lost-27.7lbs

Total inches lost-10.5 inches (5.5 inches from midsection and 5 from hips)

John’s strength increases throughout the entire 6 weeks!

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Erin A. in 6 weeks

You might look at Erin’s pictures and say “she didn’t have much to lose to begin with.” You’re right and that makes her results that much more phenomenal. Erin is very athletic and has a lot of muscle. She keeps a fairly clean diet but during the challenge she really dialed in her nutrition. She still had her cheats (I saw a couple of DQ ice creams on the food journal). Erin works from home and in office but is mainly sedentary throughout the day.

During the challenge she managed the following results:

Total Weight Lost-11.1 lbs

Total inches lost-5.25 inches

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Teddi H. in 6 weeks

Teddi works primarily in an office 40 plus hours per week. She came to me about 2 weeks into the 6 weeks to make some small tweaks to her nutrition. She was eating very well so it was just a matter of moving a few things around. It wasn’t a total overhaul. From those small changes in her nutrition her results were as follows:

Total Weight Loss-9.3lbs

Total Inches lost-3 inches

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Larry F in 6 weeks

Larry is another client that came to us with a lifting background but just didn’t have the nutrition to go with it. We kept him lifting and getting stronger and he’s made some major adjustments to his nutrition based on the nutrition guidelines that we suggest. He is also a corporate guy that works behind a desk for the majority of his day. Here are Larry’s amazing results for 6 weeks.

Total Weight Lost-16.1 lbs

total inches lost-2 inches

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Tom G and his imaginary friend

Tom is a bartender so he is on his feet quite a bit on his job. However, the bartender lifestyle can be rough! It’s a lot of late nights and unhealthy habits that can form from being in a generally unhealthy environment. The remarkable thing about Tom is that he would come to the early morning classes after getting off work at sometimes 2.00AM! Tom’s results were as follows:

Total weight lost-20.2 lbs

inches lost-5.25 inches

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Bridgette T-Proof to women that lifting won’t make
you bulky

What’s makes Bridgettes results so crazy is not necessarily the weight loss numbers. Although she doesn’t have a lot to lose so it’s amazing she lost what she did, but her inches lost. The picture you see is actually her before picture! I don’t have an after picture of her. As you can see she already is tight. The one thing you have to notice is her muscle! She built more muscle in 6 weeks and her inches went down! What does that tell you ladies…say it with me “Lifting weights won’t get me bulky.” Bridgette works a desk job and is primarily sedentary during the day. Her results were as follows:

Total weight lost-5.3lbs

total inches lost-4.0 inches


If you haven’t noticed. The common theme in this case study is that all these clients had muscle and it enabled them to burn fat and lose inches quickly! Nutrition played a huge role in how each of these clients built and maintained muscle even though they were losing fat. They all lifted weights as their main mode of exercise. No running, no aerobics, no super long intervals with no rest…for the most part they worked on getting strong and eating the right things at the right times 80-90% of the time. The results speak for themselves. Build the muscle and the results will come.

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