Turn Your Power Off-Letting Go and Allowing For Help

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I just recently got a new cell phone. It came with a high powered charger that re-charges your phone battery in a fraction of the time as a normal charger.

I noticed when I completely turned the phone off the battery would go from 0 to 100 in less than 30 minutes. If I had the phone power on (phone still had a little bit of charge left) it would take up to an hour or 2 to fully charge.

If I was trying to use the phone while it was hooked up to the charger it would never really charge completely. In fact, depending on what I was doing it might lose charge.


We are looking for a solution but keep getting in our own way because either we think we know the solution, don’t want to fully commit to what it takes to reach the solution or we won’t seek out the proper help to reach our solution.

If you’re a person trying to make a change in your life; not just fitness but total wellness- spiritual, mental and physical, you most likely fit in one of these 4 categories:

  1. Dead battery
  2. 1-20% charge
  3. 21-49% charge
  4. 50-100% charge


"Your battery is completely dead. Your charger doesn’t work and you have to borrow someone’s charger that fits your phone."

You are someone who has no idea how to accomplish what you are trying to achieve. You know you need help and are willing to do whatever you are told.

It may not seem like it at the time but this is one of the best places for you to be at some point in your life. When you have no more power left and you can’t work on anything in your own strength, you can finally submit and allow someone else’s power to work through you.

Remember, you are fresh out of ideas at this point. You have totally exhausted your expertise and the wrong resources. You’re ready to be plugged in. This is where you go from 0 to 100 real quick!

1-20% CHARGE

"You’re out with your cell phone, without the charger and you’ve got 10 apps open, texting and talking at the same time."

You are someone who is quickly becoming frustrated but won’t quite let go of old things or information that used to work, was supposed to work, but don’t seem to work.

This is a dangerous place. You are at the point where you’re starting to panic because you know you’re losing energy and you just can’t seem to make sense of anything. You’re feeling desperate and this is where you may start experimenting with pills or extreme behaviors (not eating, overtraining, questionable supplementation, etc.).

The good thing is that it’s hard to continue at this level for very long before your battery is drained!

21-49% CHARGE

"You have your phone plugged in but still using apps and checking emails so the battery never really fully charges."

You are someone that does just enough to get some goals but refuses to completely let go to reach full capacity.

You know what to do and what works, you just refuse to be consistent because you don’t want to completely give up your old ways. You straddle the fence and try to convince yourself that you’re doing all the right things when in reality you are doing half of the things right half of the time.

You’re very good at justifying and twisting facts to make them fit your situation. For example, you know a cheat day can be beneficial so any day you eat bad you just proclaim it as your cheat day and feel justified…or you feel you have “earned” a bad meal based on a hard day or being good all week.

This is possibly the worst place to be because you can stay there for a long time and have no real change positive or negative.

50-100% CHARGE

Your cell phone is on the charger with the power off!

You are seeing results by allowing the program to work for them. You understand that it’s a process but you know that to be at full capacity you have to release your old ways. You know that there is always room for improvement and are constantly trying to get better.

We’ve all found ourselves in any one of these categories at some point in our lives.

You can be in the 50-100% category in one part of your life but be at 0% in another.

"The nice thing is that at any moment you can choose to “turn your power off” and plug into a system."

It’s important to recognize when we need help and have exhausted our own expertise.


It’s much easier to turn your power off on your own accord so you can effectively recharge, than to let your battery die and be stranded hoping you can find a charger somewhere.

One thing I guarantee, is that we are always here to help you no matter where you are in these categories. Call us, email us, text us, set up a consultation…we are here to serve and help you when your battery needs to be charged.

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