It Feels Like the World is Against Me

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Last week a client posted in our accountability forum her feelings regarding choosing a new lifestyle. She said that it feels like the world is against her. She had been turning down events like happy hours, going out to dinner and other things that she enjoyed because it no longer fit her lifestyle.

It was causing her to rethink her lifestyle choice. She was wondering if this was the right decision. Was it worth it?
I’m sure a lot of people feel like this.

You feel like in order to be healthy or live a certain way that you are somehow giving up a part of yourself. You feel like all the things that are fun and that bring you joy are the things you have to leave behind.

The best way I can describe what is really happening is this picture. Think of the difference between your favorite candy and vegetables.

Candy has all the attributes you like

Candy has all the attributes you like. The packaging is usually eye catching. It’s got the texture that you love. It may have a certain smell that you find pleasing. Most of all it has the taste that you enjoy. You immediately feel good, like a euphoric feeling once you’ve had it and since it’s made in a factory you know exactly how it’s going to taste every time.

Vegetables on the other hand...

Vegetables on the other hand don’t have a package. They might be oddly shaped. Depending on the season they may or may not taste at their peak. If you wait too long to eat them they definitely don’t taste all that great. Sometimes you have to do a little work to make them taste the way you want them to.

So why wouldn’t we just eat candy every day?

Candy is empty calorically. It’s got all the excitement but no substance. In fact, if you eat enough of it over time it will degrade your health. It’s not filling and once that initial feeling of satisfaction is gone from the sugar rush you crash and feel empty and tired.

Vegetables are full of nutrients that your body needs to keep you healthy. The fiber makes you feel full and the long term effect of eating vegetables is that you are healthy and satisfied.

Think about your life and your new lifestyle. I know the things you left behind or are thinking of leaving behind brought you some short term enjoyment. It might have had some good memories associated with it, but the reason you’re looking for something else is because you’re still empty.

There is no fulfillment in those moments. It’s just like candy. They are moments that are manufactured and created around things that might change people like alcohol, trying to impress someone, or needing to be “friends” with a certain person because they are important to the position you want to hold. How many real people and real experiences did you actually have?

Being true to yourself is what your soul desires

Being true to yourself is what your soul desires. It may not feel “fun” but being obedient to what your spirit is telling you to do will more than likely lead you in the right direction. Assuming your spirit is planted in nutrient dense soil.

What are you feeding your spirit to ensure that it is “nutrient dense?” Are you reading material to help you grow and learn more about yourself? Are you hanging around the right people? Listening to the right music? All these things shape you and your attitude.

Just like vegetables your new lifestyle can be unpredictable at that particular moment in time. You may not see how in the long run going through what you are experiencing is going to lead you to the place you want to be.

Just like vegetables, sometimes you have to eat the ones you don’t really like. At the end of it though your body feels good and you got what you needed out of it in order to be full and satisfied.

That’s what your soul is ultimately seeking…it wants to be nourished but mostly it wants fulfillment. If your spirit is tugging on you to make a change it means that what you are currently doing is not meeting the mark of satisfaction and it’s time to make a change.

Obey your spirit…eat your vegetables and over time you won’t miss the candy!

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