Frequently Asked Questions About Starting A Fitness Program

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If you’re a novice to physical fitness and training programs, you’re bound to have questions about how they will impact your body and if your weaknesses will get in the way of your results. For a complete understanding of what happens when you undertake fitness training, the experts at Panthro Fitness want to arm you with accurate information available on the topic. To achieve this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about starting a fitness program.

1. How long does it take to see results?
This is a tough question to answer as the results you receive are linked to a few critical variables. The top variables being consistency, intensity, and compliance. If you stay consistent with eating properly while being compliant with our program, train intensely and consistently, and rest when needed, you can expect results relatively quickly. Probably within the first week or two of your fitness program, you’ll start to see changes.

2. As a female, I don’t want to look bulky. Will weights make me look too muscular?
This question gets asked a lot, and the answer is usually just the opposite of what you’d expect. When you do weights in addition to doing cardio and following a well-balanced diet, your physique will tighten up and give you a more defined and sculpted look. However, you will not suddenly wake up looking like a bodybuilder, if that’s what you imagined.

3. How many times a week should I train?
You should try to get some type of physical movement every day. But, if you’re looking to get stronger and really change your physique, you may require three to five days a week of intense training. Consistency in eating correctly and getting the appropriate amount of rest will also help in obtaining the most out of your training.

4. I’m concerned about injuring myself, how do you accommodate for injuries?
Most of our clients have either had some type of injury that maybe wasn’t rehabbed properly or was acquired during everyday activity. We always do the best we can to either strengthen the injured area of your body or change your movement to avoid aggravating the injury. To help us provide you with a clear path to success when dealing with an injury, we have a physical therapist on-site to advise and guide us while assisting you.

5. I’m a beginner, and I’ve never lifted weights before. Is this going to be too advanced for me?
Believe it or not, almost every client we have today started as a beginner at our gym. We love first-timers who are willing to learn and welcome our help. After all, our job is to teach you and lead you down a path to health and wellness. That’s what we love to do!

6. How do I know what type of training is right for me?
Physical training should be something you enjoy. It may not start that way, but eventually, it should get to be something that you look forward to doing. It is so much easier to stay consistent with your training when you genuinely like the exercises you perform, and they end up being fruitful. Also, if you are going to pay someone to train you, then it should yield results. At the same time, it needs to be safe for you. While some programs can potentially get you in shape, there could be a higher risk of injury. As a result, we usually like to get to know your strengths and weaknesses before setting you up with a fitness plan.

7. How do I know what a reasonable goal is for me?
Everyone goes about setting goals differently. We personally like to set daily goals to achieve what is right for you and enable you to take care of yourself. For instance, one daily goal may be to drink a gallon of water, eat only healthy meals prepared for the day, train at Panthro, and get eight hours of sleep. If you accomplish all those goals for the day, then we’d say you won that day. Imagine how far you’ll reach in a month by achieving your daily goals!

8. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, what has your gym done to ensure that it is safe?
We have all been challenged by this pandemic, and safety is our top priority. To offer you a safe environment to train in, we follow different precautionary methods suggested by health authorities. Click the link here to see our facility procedure and strategy going forward.

If you have any more questions about starting a fitness program, get in touch with the experts at Panthro Fitness. We are personal fitness trainers in Pittsburgh, PA, and have been training individuals to get into shape and be active for over a decade. Our professional strengths lie in the expertise of our coaches. The Panthro coaches have a wide variety of professional designations from Masters degrees in Kinesiology to Personal Training Certifications. We also understand that everyone’s fitness needs are unique, which is why we focus on tailoring our programs accordingly.

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