AKA The Marathon Ninja - Lykheng's fitness career began with cross country running in middle school and high school. While she leads a healthy, fit lifestyle now, that wasn't always the case. It took a tough breakup for Lykheng to realize she needed to take charge of her life and her health. In her own words, she decided to "get her butt in gear", so she quit smoking, binge drinking, and set new goals for herself, one being to run a half marathon. While training, she fell back in love with running and fitness. Lykheng continued on with her new lifestyle and has already completed two full marathons. She wanted to spread her new healthy lifestyle with others, and to encourage them to reach their goals as well. She joined Panthro's team and never looked back. Her workouts aren't for the faint of heart - this ninja will put you through a metabolic workout that will make you feel like you just ran a marathon...


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