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Rosie Fisher


My true fitness journey started in my early 20’s when I was experiencing both physical and mental health issues from being overweight. Living in an extremely toxic environment, at the age of 23, I was told by doctors that I needed to do one of two things; go on blood pressure and cholesterol medication or do a complete 360 and change my lifestyle. That same day, I went to buy a new pair of gym shoes and hired a trainer. Having struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life, working out didn’t only help my physical health issues, but I noticed a significant difference in the way I could handle the stress in my life. Over the next year, I lost a total of 80 pounds and quickly decided that I was going to make health and fitness a career. At one point, I thought I had to be a cardio junkie in order to lose weight. Quickly, I found out that the combination of resistance and stability training along with lifting weights was not only the thing that would transform my body, but the only type of working out that I had ever looked forward to doing. I vowed to help people, just like me, who had no idea what to do or how to do it, but knew that they needed a change. There is no doubt that I am the loudest and most energetic person in the room, but it all comes from a deep passion for making each individual a better version of themselves. I don’t push people to strive for perfection, I push for people to do better than the day before. Everyone’s journey is different and the paths that people take are unique to the individual. My only goal is to help people understand how important consistency is. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to try to be better every single day. Self improvement is a continuous journey. Our priority is to provide a community that will motivate you to accomplish your goals and provide a fun atmosphere while doing so.


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