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  1. Form and Technique Tempo Strength
    This class will focus on form and technique of strength training through tempo movements. Tempo class is working with a rhythm while incorporating pulses, holds, and tension on the muscle to help build strength. This class is suited for anyone who is interested in strength training.
  2. Beginner/Intermediate Strength Training
    This class focuses on the basics of strength training with a lot of coaching and guidance. Beginner/Intermediate Strength class is suited for anyone who is interested in strength training from beginner to advanced, everyone can use this class to refresh up on form and technique.
  3. Advanced Strength Training
    This class’ main focus strength exercises…”slow train bro train”! It will be offered 3 days a week, rotating through different major muscle groups. This class is suited for more experienced lifters who are looking to build strength.
  4. Core Stability
    Everyone needs core work! This class will prevent injuries in daily living as well as in other classes taken at the gym. Increasing your core strength will help increase your strength and stability. This class is suited for anyone from runners to lifters of all ages.
  5. Range of Motion Conditioning
    Working through movements that will teach the body to have strength and control in ranges. Focusing on range of motion in major joints to increase strength and depth in bigger lifts. This class is suited for people wanting to increase strength and mobility.
  6. Panthro Bootcamps
    Different workout every day following the Panthro schedule. Rotate between squat, deadlift, push, pull, core, and total body mobility with corresponding weekly rep ranges and focuses. These classes are suited for people wanting a basic training to stay fit and active while getting a variety of different workouts.

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Panthro Fitness offers Strength Training Classes to clients across Mount Lebanon, Bloomfield, Squirrel Hill, Fox Chapel, Millvale, East Liberty, Strip District or Arsenal, Shadyside, Lawrenceville and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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