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Trial Deal! Buy 3, get 3 for $75!

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  1. All first time clients get to try a class for free with absolutely no commitment! Here’s how it works:
    • Click the link in the top right-hand corner to schedule a brief phone consultation so that we can find out a little bit about you, your goals and suggest the classes that we think you would enjoy.
    • From here, one of our team members will schedule you for your free class and answer any additional questions you may have.
    • During that first class, we will assess your form, tell you any imbalances we see, and give any suggestions to help you on your fitness journey.
    • If you like your first class, we offer a one time deal for all new clients; if you buy 3 classes, you get 3 for free for $75. This trial deal is good for any 60 Minute HIIT Circuit Class or All Level Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp Class! If you need more individualized training and a smaller group setting, we offer a one time deal for semi-private classes at a buy 3, get 3 for $150.
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