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At Panthro Fitness, our COMMUNITY is the most important thing to us! Each month, we do a few events that are different from our day-to-day training in order to help our fitness community not only add variety into their routine, but form relationships with the people that they workout next to. These events come in a variety of different forms and are created to keep you motivated and excited.

Upcoming Event Schedule:

  • Friday 4/1: Nicki vs. Cardi B-ooty Bootcamp & BYOB Happy Hour 6-8pm!
    • $10 for Panthro Members, $15 for Non-Panthro members! Sign up onPike13
  • Saturday 4/23: Strip District Sweat Crawl from 12-3pm! $20 entry fee!
  • Tuesday 4/26: $10 60-minute active recovery, stretching, and ROM Class with Casey from 7-8pm!
  • Friday 5/6: 90's vs. 2000's Hip Hop Total Body Strength Workout and BYOB Happy Hour from 6-8pm!
    • $10 Panthro Members, $15 for Non-Panthro members! Sign up on Pike13
  • Saturday 5/14: Friends and Family Day! Outdoor Workout (if weather permits) 9:30-11am!
    • FREE for ALL! Will be planned at a park! Panthro facility as backup!
  • Sunday 5/22: Sweat NET Event 10:30-12:30pm! FREE for Panthro Members!
    • 45 minute strength workout followed by 20 minute recovery yoga class led by OM Lounge!
  • Friday 6/3: 'First Friday' Themed Boot-camp and BYOB Happy Hour 6-8pm!
  • 1/31/2022-4/9/2022: Nutri-Cise Challenge!
    • A 10 week challenge that we will be running throughout the gym in order to not only lose weight but also track your strength gain! Join us!
  • 2/3/2022 from 6-8pm: $20 Nutrition and Meal Planning Workshop!
    • Join us for our Nutrition and Meal Planning Workshop to learn more about a healthy lifestyle! Not only will we be giving you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to nutrition but we will be helping you create your own meal plan!
  • 2/17/2022 from 7-9pm: FREE Sweat with Seltzers! Black Light Sweat net Event!
    • Join us for a 1 hour black-light strength and conditioning workout! After the workout, we will be having some seltzers! What’s not to love about this?!?
  • 2/23/2022 from 6:45-8pm: $10 Foam Rolling, Recovery, and Active Stretching Class
    • With all of the hard work we do, it’s always important to take the time to slow it down! Join us for an evening of recovery Wednesday, 2/23!
  • 3/12/2022: ALL DAY Friends and Family Event!
    • If you are a Panthro Member, bring any friend or family member to the class of your choice for FREE! If they join you that day, they will receive 2 free classes on us, to use anytime in the following month!
  • 3/23/2022 from 6-8pm: Mind/Muscle Connection Workshop!
    • Having trouble pinpointing where you should be feeling exercises?! We have a really fun and creative workshop to help you learn how to make that mind/muscle connection!
  • 4/1/2022 from 6-8pm: Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B Booty Bootcamp and Happy Hour!
    • Who doesn’t love a good Nicki Minaj and Cardi B jam session while we work on those bubble muscles?! Join us for a FUN hour long class, followed by drinks with your fellow workout buddies! $10- Panthro members, $15- SweatNet members, $20- Non-panthro members!
  • 4/23/2022 from 8-12pm: All Level Weight Lifting Competition!
    • We will be doing a weight lifting competition suited for all ages and ability levels! For more details, please contact us!

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