What type of training do we do at Panthro Fitness?!?


Panthro Fitness is a class-based type of gym. We believe that this atmosphere not only provides you with the inspiration and accountability to push yourself during a class, but gives you enough individual attention to work on your own goals, while being surrounded by people that are cheering you on. We pride ourselves in creating a wellness community that makes you feel comfortable, yet pushes you to do things you never thought were possible. Our main goal is to help create longevity in your everyday life by providing fun, functional, and challenging workouts to keep your body moving as pain-free as possible. The diverse training sessions keep you mentally stimulated so that you consistently feel motivated and continue to feel as though you are conquering your goals.


Strength Conditioning and Core Bootcamp

A different workout every day following the Panthro schedule. These classes are suited for people wanting a basic training to stay fit and active while getting a variety of different workouts. You will get a combination of all types of training during this class including; mobility, stability, strength, core, and conditioning work. The Strength Conditioning and Core Bootcamp will help you build a foundation of proper movement patterns and allow you to grow into your greatest potential. This class is suited for every level of fitness and is highly recommended for those trying to improve their general health and fitness by losing weight while putting on muscle.

The Strength Lab

This class is for the experienced weight lifter who understands basic concepts of strength training and has the proper mobility to do the three main compound exercises; deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Coaches will guide you through a series of different workouts each week, changing the rep ranges in which you work and the style of how you are doing it, to help you improve on your weight progressions. On top of advancing your main compound movements, this class will be accompanied by a variety of accessory movements to help you gain strength in all areas. Be ready to push yourself harder with weights than any other class and enjoy all of the results based off of your hard work!

To address your specific needs Panthro Fitness offers

  • 1 on 1 training
  • Small Group Training (2-4 clients/session)
  • Boot camp or large group training (8-12 clients/session)

Let us help you choose your path to success!

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