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Chris Schlereth


With a strong desire and passion for helping others, I jumped at the opportunity to join the fitness industry. Unfortunately, in the world we live in with so many voices and opinions, it can be hard to know what the right thing to do is when it comes to being fit and healthy. My goal is to help people simplify what can often be a daunting task by being a positive and encouraging voice along their journey. I seek to do this by sharing what I have learned through my experiences, both good and bad, during my time personally and professionally. My personal fitness journey began after becoming badly injured as a teenager. The rehab process was very grueling, but during that time I became very intrigued by the notion of using exercise as a tool for healing. Fast forward 14 years and I found myself having constant pain and 120 pounds overweight. This is where the next stage of my fitness journey began, with the realization that I was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle that was not going to end well. Through changing that lifestyle I was able to lose the extra weight I was carrying, while becoming stronger and reducing my pain. True self improvement and strength are a never ending journey, so each day I strive to get stronger and learn more to improve my craft. I love to do both strength training and High Intensity Interval Training. This combination of styles is challenging, transformational, and exciting. No matter what level of fitness someone has attained, you will be challenged by doing both of these. I am inspired to be the best that I can possibly be so that I can be just one small example to my kids that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish your goals. I am also inspired to be the best coach I can be by each and every person that I seek to help on their own fitness journey.


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