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Panthro Fitness is a leading wellness studio in Pittsburgh with over a decade of experience in our field. Our professional strengths lie in the expertise of our coaches. The Panthro coaches have a wide variety of professional designations from Masters degrees in Kinesiology to Personal Training Certifications. We understand that everyone’s fitness needs are unique, which is why we focus on tailoring our programs accordingly. We are pleased with the physical and emotional transformations that we help people make while they train with us. The fact that our clients look at Panthro Fitness as not just a gym but family is even more exciting.

About Panthro Fitness

Best Gym in Pittsburgh

Strength Conditioning and Core Bootcamp


A different workout every day following the Panthro schedule. These classes are suited for people wanting a basic training to stay fit and active while getting a variety of different workouts.

Best Gym in Pittsburgh

The Strength Lab


This class is for the experienced weight lifter who understands basic concepts of strength training and has the proper mobility to do the three main compound exercises; deadlifts, squats, and bench press.

Best Gym in Pittsburgh

Upcoming Events


At Panthro Fitness, our COMMUNITY is the most important thing to us! Each month, we do a few events that are different from our day-to-day training in order to help our fitness community not only add variety into their routine, but form relationships with the people that they workout next to.


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COVID-19 has financially plagued almost all bricks and mortar businesses, including the fitness industry. Consequently, it has affected our gym as we must limit the number of members that can be in the complex ... Read More

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"Our mission at Panthro Fitness is to be leaders who positively support, inspire, and cultivate greatness in others by serving with humility."

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