How COVID-19 Has Affected The Fitness Industry

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COVID-19 has financially plagued almost all bricks and mortar businesses, including the fitness industry. Consequently, it has affected our gym as we must limit the number of members that can be in the complex at any given time due to social distancing.

The new safety measures have created a potential point of tension within the fitness community. For example, the idea of wearing a mask during training is off-putting to some but necessary to others. People are also more nervous about entering a gym and sharing equipment with others.

The current concerns about getting infected with the virus can also have a mental and emotional impact and make it more challenging to achieve fitness goals. In this scenario, we have changed the way we train to maintain the intensity of workouts.

We have tended to stay away from more cardio or metabolic driven workouts indoors as heavy breathing can make people sometimes feel uncomfortable. We now try to do as many things outside as possible so people can feel more comfortable in an open-air environment.

Besides, we’ve also seen an explosion of home gyms across the country. However, this training method creates further hurdles, including a lack of expertise, motivation, and accountability, which are the main reasons for attracting gym enthusiasts into a fitness studio.

It has made us think outside the box, as we wanted to create a tool that would inspire gym-goers to meet their targets. As a result, we came up with an app that would accommodate online training, habit-forming tracking, and wearable integration.

We have designed our programming to work for in-person sessions and also empower people who prefer to work out at home. Through the app, they can still feel part of a community and also have access to professional training any place any time.

While it will be some time until we can go back to greeting each other with a high five in the fitness studio, we believe we’ve created the next best thing. Therefore, we encourage you to try out our new app for a quality virtual training experience.

With over a decade of expertise, Panthro Fitness will help you with your fitness goals. Our coaches have a wide variety of professional designations from masters degrees in Kinesiology to personal training certifications, which enhances our services.

Our services include strength classes, mobility classes, recovery classes, metabolic classes. We also render nutrition advice and online training for clients.

We serve clients across Mount Lebanon, Bloomfield, Squirrel Hill, Fox Chapel, Millvale, East Liberty, Strip District, Arsenal, Shadyside, Lawrenceville, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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