How to win every day.

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Who does this…You set a goal…”I’m going to lose 15 lbs by June 15th!” Sounds reasonable. Considering it’s almost May it’s probably attainable. It has a definite deadline, looks good right?

What happens when you get to June 15th and you don’t make your goal you set? You may feel disappointed. You might question yourself and your ability to lose weight. You may wonder what you did wrong or if you’re like others towards the middle of May you lost sight of where you were relative to the goal and forgot about it all together.

I want to look at goal setting differently. I think we need goals and targets. They both sound the same but are very different.

In the case of weight loss let’s look at creating a target of losing 15 lbs by June 15th.

Get wins every day
Now our goals have shifted to things that we need to execute daily…every day we have the opportunity to get several “wins.”

I got up and had my breakfast according to the Panthro fitness meal plan…win!

I had a gallon of water today…win!

I went to boot camp or did the neverdonothing workout…win!

What you are doing is not only inching your way to your target every single day, but you’re seeing your progress and executing daily. You’re breaking up what used to be a big goal into these small obtainable pieces that you can easily focus on and win.

You gain confidence and fulfillment every day when you reflect on your schedule and physically see that you did everything that you planned to do (that’s right…write it down and check it off when you complete it). You reached every single goal that you set for yourself and if you didn’t then you know what you have to do tomorrow.

This makes your target seem less important because in reality it is arbitrary! There are so many factors beyond your control that sometimes setting a goal of a specific number doesn’t make sense and it could be setting you up for disappointment.

In short, your target defines the plan you should take and your goals are your daily milestones for execution of the plan.
Don’t just use this for weight loss. Use this for everything. What you are doing is project managing your life! You’re scripting your future.

All we can do is execute to the best of our ability and if we know we are following the right plan and doing the right things then at the end we have nothing to hang our heads about. We know we did the things necessary and maybe our target wasn’t set correctly.

I don’t know about you…but when I know I did all I could do within my power I can sleep well. That’s all we really want is peace and fulfillment. It’s the small things we do daily that accumulate to a big accomplishment!

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