Top Five Things To Look For When Selecting A Fitness Studio

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With a majority of people neglecting their health and body, a wholesome approach to fitness is necessary to keep ourselves from succumbing to life-threatening illnesses. To keep our fitness levels high, exercising regularly and appropriately is vital.

A fitness studio provides its clients with trainers who demonstrate exercises to their clients and ensure that they work out in a way that gives them optimum results. They modify workouts and tailor exercises as per their clients’ needs. 

However, with so many fitness studios around, it can be quite challenging to choose one while being certain of the results. To help make this selection process easier for you, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when selecting a fitness studio. 

1. Knowledgeable staff
Having a coach who has strong technical skills is critical when choosing your fitness professional. However, this is probably one of the hardest variables to discern. If they are the expert and you really don’t know much about the subject, it can be easy to be fooled. Letters after a name and certificates aren’t always an indicator that your professional knows their stuff. Listen for intelligent questions and someone who is interested in how your body works. Fitness is not one size fits all. A true professional will be able to understand your specific needs based on the data you give them.

Although your coach should be knowledgeable, they shouldn’t intimidate you with what they know. It should be a pleasant learning experience for both of you. They should be learning about you, and you should be learning more about your capabilities and how to reach your goals!

2. Well rounded program
As your body is a multifaceted machine with several parts and systems that work together, it makes sense to have a program that addresses most of the major functions that have a significant impact on your health. In terms of movement, a program should have a strategy for strength, stability, flexibility, mobility, conditioning, and recovery.

Nutrition is the glue that seems to hold all these pieces in place to some degree. A program should have some way, either internally or through its partners, to address these major components.

3. Empathetic and kind, but not a pushover
Trainers have had a reputation of being relentless and sometimes over the top with respect to motivational tactics. Some people like the trainer that screams in their face and takes a crazed approach to push you.

A coach is different than a trainer. Coaches are able to assess the client and understand what type of motivation they need for that day. You’re not a cyborg! It’s understandable that you will have good days, bad days, and days that are somewhere in between. A great coach can gauge the climate and provide the right degree of encouragement. You should leave feeling like ‘that was just what I needed.’

4. Excellent customer service and good ratings
We live in a world where we have been trained to give and receive instantaneous feedback. Social media is an example. We want to see who liked a picture or comment we posted instantly.

Now it is very easy to see how people feel about an experience based on ratings and reviews. It’s easy for a program to rave about themselves, but what do their customers say? The one thing that tends to separate the good experiences from the great experiences is the level of care and attention somebody gives you from the time you walk in the door till the time you leave. Look for five-star reviews and read the comments. You can usually tell pretty easily if they are real and from the heart. Anyone inspired enough to leave a five-star review and comment has likely been treated with excellent customer service.

5. Welcoming community
A fitness or wellness professional can be knowledgeable and the facility top-notch, but if the other clients around you are nasty, then you’ll have a less than pleasant experience. A class of welcoming individuals not only is pleasing to your soul but will also strengthen you during the process, provide additional accountability, and likely produce greater lasting results. Leadership is contagious, and good people are drawn to other good people. If you find yourself in a toxic environment, you may want to question the leadership.

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