What We Really Want in Life: Your Path to Freedom

Author: Panthro Fitness |


Have you ever tried to catch a vapor or a puff of smoke in your hands? If not, try it. If you have, did you notice how it dances around you almost taunting you. It escapes between your fingers and makes it impossible to get a handle on.

"You ever feel like reaching your goals is as elusive as trying to catch smoke?"

What makes vapor nearly impossible to catch is that it has no form. It takes on whatever shape it needs to in order to escape.

Even if you did have it in your hands you wouldn’t even know it because it has no weight…there’s no substance to it.

Even if you did catch it how would you know without opening your hand and then it’d be gone again!

"Are your goals eluding you?"

I’m sure we’ve all seen people who have a body most would kill for be unsatisfied with their appearance.

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t look for ways to improve, but at what point do you become ok with yourself…or is this just an ongoing battle that you’ll never win like trying to outrun the wind?

When is it good enough and when does trying to get ripped abs and another body fat % less become more of a waste of time than healthy?

At what point do you discover that chasing your goal is not adding to your life and it’s only giving you another thing to worry about like counting calories, monitoring macronutrients, and questioning whether you trained hard enough?

"Where’s the measuring stick? How do you determine what looks good for you and what you need to accomplish?"

What happens if you get to what you thought would be the perfect weight and you find that you don’t even look good at that weight? Maybe worse is that maybe you can’t even get down to the weight you’re striving for.

Eventually you have to ask yourself “what am I chasing after?”

"Do you know what you really want?"

More than likely your answer is “I don’t know!” Your vision of yourself is amorphic…it has no shape and will continue to elude and taunt you like trying to hug a puff of smoke.

Maybe a better way to view your body and how it should look is by asking yourself, “How do I need to look and feel in order to fulfill my life vision?”

Your appearance is a piece of something much larger. You’ve been put here to do something…unfortunately a lot of us focus on the wrong things in life and we never quite find our purpose.

"Vanity becomes a symptom of your good habits and execution of a daily purpose driven plan"

It’s not always easy, but when you do find your purpose in life, suddenly your ideas on your personal wellness become resolute…vanity becomes a symptom of your good habits and execution of a daily purpose driven plan. It’s no longer the thing you’re chasing.

Your goals become “this is what I need to do in order to reach where I want to be in life.” That’s something you can get your arms around…it’s something you can tangibly measure and understand the correct path towards.

Now you have a reason to want to learn the right way to eat, be discipline to train on a consistent basis and understand the level of wellness you need to achieve to reach your ultimate goal.

Finding your vision is the first step to gaining what we all really want…Freedom!!!

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